Looking at pictures of Israeli lady’s gun-carrying and modern lifestyle pictures, it is difficult to believe that this country, which has been built on centuries of suffering and blood-stained villages, is actually a single country on which the Jews That is, enthusiasm reigns. In the early days of 1940, the Jews were scattered in different corners of the world, and Europe became their home. They were badly beaten and no country made any special effort to save them.

Therefore, the zealous people raised the demand of their own country where they can live with the next generation. When killed during Hitler’s regime, German zealots across Europe turned to a small region in the Mediterranean Sea called Palestine.

At that time, they had a dream in their eyes to have their own land, to be among their own people, and to build a country of their own where their destiny would not be written by the hands of Europeans, but the question arises as to why the enthusiasm of the whole world went towards Palestinian. Why did they call this small country their own?


Let’s go to understand the story of Palestine and Israel. Evolve did not happen during this time, Hazrat Ibrahim was born here, which started the Abrahamic religion. His followers gave birth to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They left and started giving religious doubts to the people. They established a religion which was called Judaism. 

Abraham’s followers were called Chodas. Ibrahim had two sons, one Ismail and the other Isak. His followers also became quite arsenic, but the sons of Isaac later became known as JackUp in Christianity, Israel among the Jews, and Yaqub among the Muslims. 

From which they had 12 sons who formed 12 separate tribes and began to rule, one of them was a liar.

 People gradually started migrating to the neighboring countries, most of the Jews settled in Egypt these days because the Jews used to make settlements wherever they went and released them in groups, that’s why they always grew in business with their ability. 

The king now began to fear, he felt that if the number of Jews continued to increase, then the day would not be far when these people would take over Egypt and start ruling their own country. started, then soon the king there gave such an order to stop the Jew’s clothes and the family, which made everyone cry, in fact, the king of Egypt gave a decree to kill all the Jews

which he The women began to be pushed into this delivery, thus neither the cable nor the population of Joss in the early days. Collected the Jews and crossed the difficult route back to Israel with his Jewish caravan. 

After that Moses started to be seen as a leader in a stream. When he arrived in Israel with his caravan, he gave the 10 commands of GOD, i.e. RULS, which by obeying the Jews could always remain those. Called the Command of the Supreme Guard, the Jews thus found a safe place to live after a long struggle.



 After some time in Israel, King Saul established the Kingdom of Israel, which was the Jewish counterpart, formed around 1000 B.C. King David, who was the son of King Saul, became the first powerful king of this people, his son King Solomon, who was known as King Solomon among the Muslim people, established the first social and ship center of the Jews in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. 

The Temple Mount was built, it was called the First Temple or Solomon’s Temple, which the Jews used to worship idols, so the 10-pointed stone given by Prophet Moses was placed in the sea, but within a few years, there was a civil war here and the people here were divided. Divided into the Athenian group, the feet of the King Sol Jews emerged as a full race. They enjoyed happiness and great wealth here, but only after two centuries had passed, a king of Mesopotamia, attacked here, in which thousands were again killed. 

The Jews were killed and the capital Jaru Salem was badly looted. Somehow the Jews reestablished themselves and their empires, but in 587 BC there was a great collapse, during which several wars took place in which Jaru Salem was badly destroyed. 

At that time, the entire Judean community was looted on the orders of the Bibi Lunian King Neve Kadenizer, and those who survived were taken as slaves by the Bibi Lunians. The Bibi Lunian Kingdom destroyed the Kingdom of Judah. 

The Jews were now in possession of the Bibi Lon. The Bibi Lunians also destroyed their First Holy Temple and at the same time sent thousands of Jews into exile for 70 years. After this knee was scattered in the corner, the name and mark of both Jeru Salim and the Jews were erased in Israel. Soon after, a new empire was born in Iran, which is called the Portion Empire. 

After conquering Lune and Egypt, he set up a Portion Empire in a big way, in which the Jews got a little direction. Go and make Israel green again. Portion King Sarus II also gave permission to the Jews to build a temple again, after which the Jews came to Israel again and they built their temple here again in the same place. It was called the Second Temple here. 

started his life but the place was always entangled in wars and raids. After some time Alexander conquered the Persian Empire and after that, Jalu Salem came under Alexander’s control.



 After the end of the Alexander Kingdom, until 63 BC, Israel became part of the Roman Kingdom. Jesus Christ was born in a Jewish family within the Roman Kingdom. His son became a prophet and soon his followers spread in the Jewish community. 

People were very impressed by his words and after seeing his miracles, they started to spread things against the Jews. Jesus refused to accept Jesus as his God-messenger They began to refuse to accept Jesus’ teaching of vision and crucified Jesus around 30-33 AD, saying that he was speaking against Adamic Dharma. 

But putting Jesus on a pedestal became very heavy on the Jews. In the Roman Empire, Jesus’ followers began to increase. Many zealots also began to follow Christianity. This led to the increase of the Jewish population. 

In fact, due to the growing Christian population of the Romans, many Jos also began to follow the Apparitions, so the sects of the Zealots joined forces to revolt against the Romans in what is known as the First Zealot Roman War to drive the Christians out of Israel and rid themselves of the secrets of the Romans by forming caravans. 

Refuse to recognize the Roman Empire When Jose first raised his voice and refused to recognize the Roman Kingdom, the Romans surrounded the entire city of Salem and cut off the food supply, leaving Jose to starve. 

After they were killed, they started to kill the children and the poor people and finally handed over the entire Jeru Salem to the fire. In Salem, this knee was called CF Jerusalem. Millions of Jos Parivars were killed and the children were either converted or put into slavery. And the children were also killed by the moon. 

During this time, the Romans did not kill millions of Jews but made millions for it, and taxes were imposed on those who were children. The Romans wanted to erase the name and mark of Israel. At the same time, the Romans changed the name of a small part of Israel called Julia to Syria Palestine, which became known as Palestine. 

Jose’s followers promoted Christianity, although the kings of the Roman Empire were also against Christianity in those days, so the people living in Palestine called this religion in a sad way.


 Two Roman Empires ruled until 328, but after that the Roman Kingdom disintegrated and finally, the Byzantine Empire, which was a remnant of the Roman Empire, took over in 324 AD. 

At the hands of the visiting councils, the councils were very impressed with Christianity and the thought of Jesus, so they built a church in Jerusalem where the tomb of Jesus was and accepted Christianity and named this church the Church of the Holy Splicer. After that, the Byzantine Empire made Christianity its official religion.

 Since the Jewish people did not accept the teachings of Jesus and supported the crucifixion of Jesus, they became the target of this new empire again. Persecution of Jos began again, meanwhile thousands of Jews converted to Christianity, and those who did not were persecuted again because the Byzantine Empire knew that if Jos got even a small concession, it would Tarant will not face you in making Joe, so during this time, he made many such roles, due to which the power of Jos people continued to disappear. 

According to some roles, Jos could not keep any slave or servant for himself. And non-Josh marriages were also banned. Jose couldn’t build any kind of community spirit center for themselves, nor did they have the urge to get together as players in a lot of arsenic to punish Jose who didn’t obey all these rules. As a rule, their property was confiscated and in many cases, they were either imprisoned or outright sentenced to death.


 After defeating the Byzantine Empire in 638, the Arab army of Umar captured Salem, after which the whole of Syria fell under the Arab rulers. Until Palestine remained in the Islamic period, in which the Jews got little freedom. At the same time, millions of Jews became Muslims and called themselves the sons of Abraham. During this time, the Jews flourished.

In the meantime, the Jews who settled there again went to Israel, although many Jews who had been wandering for the past 5 years had now crossed Africa, and Europe, and settled in the neighboring areas of Spain, Germany, and Russia, and they settled there. 

At the same time, Islam spread all over the world and the Jews also started settling in different places all over the world. Until 1099, the Jews were living a good life, but until the 11th century, the Europeans searched for sea routes and invaded every place. 

At the same time, they also conquered Palestine and started killing the people here. In addition, in other places in Europe where the Jews were already living, they also began to persecute almost all the European nationalities. began to follow and believed that the Jews were the ones who had crucified Jesus for which they were still paying a thousand years later. 

He believed that Jaro Salim, where the tomb of Jesus was, should be taken away from the Arab Muslims and the Jews who were considered responsible for the death of Jesus should be eliminated. The period started in 1095 and continued till 1291, during which there was a dispute between Muslim and Christian people, which is also called the Holy War.


 In fact, Jos and Muslim people considered Jaro Salim as their holy land, but Christians also considered the same place as their own. In the same youth, the Muslims and Choz together did this to the Christians so that they could be prevented from going to Jeru Salem, then millions of people were killed on both sides, especially the Joses who were living in this region. In addition, wherever Jews were found in Europe, Christians began to burn them alive. 

This lifestyle and slavery of Jews continued until the end of the Ottoman Empire. A large part of Europe was also occupied by the Ottoman Empire in those days, in which the Joses got a little freedom, although the Joses were not living a good life in those days, but still the way the Christians in Europe treated the Joses. Life was better than that of the Ottoman Empire



The Ottoman umpires not only restored Jose’s religious freedom but also gave him a chance to live a good life again. Arrangements were made for the church in the area known as the entrance and the church so that people would not consider each other in the name of religion. 

Indeed, this work was very effective in Jerusalem for a long time. Jose’s fate was about to leave him behind because he had been on the run for the past two thousand years. Now Jose had mostly settled in parts of the Mediterranean Sea and in Europe. They found Corn and started killing Jos. At that time, the hatred spread against the Jos was called anti-Semitism, which meant fighting with the Jos on the basis of religion and race. 

The Jews were considered a stain on society, they were kept away from the social welfare schemes and benefits of the community or society, and they were often burned alive in the name of breaking religion and practicing black magic. Desperate people began to spread throughout the empires, beatings and masquerades began to take place with them, especially Christians began to masquerade people, and men and children, even pregnant women, were gathered together and burned alive. 

Thousands of joss were given away from France and other parts of Europe and it was made compulsory for him to wear a yellow belt to be recognized by socialites. Jobs, social reservations, inter-religion marriages. Until the people who converted to juice and were not treated well in Europe yesterday, they were brutally beaten with juice all over Europe.  

And it became difficult, there were separate penal codes for them, they were killed for every little thing, and within a few years, after Al, the youths started to expel them from the country. They only think about themselves, that’s why they shouldn’t have any duty to live a social life. In this situation, millions of Jewish people started running away to America. 

There was a chance to live, but along with the death of Napoleon, the joys of Jose’s life also came to an end, his frequent running away in this way now became unpleasant for his family. Gradually, the Jose people started asking for their land. This demand was mostly from European countries as their corns were becoming juice bakers in modern times and were forced to live on the run.


 Due to the bad situation in the world, the Jewish community all over the world began to feel that if they wanted a peaceful life, they would have to create their own country. During the same period, in 1860, Theodor Herzl named Joss Vekti was born in Hungary. At the same time, he wrote a book titled Josh State. In this book, for the first time, he asked people living all over the world to make their own country. 

He had raised his voice for and for his country, and they started to influence the Jews spread throughout the world for the sake of the state. Then Herzl formed a political committee of Jews, which was named the Zionist Organization, and its first meeting was held in 1897. 

After this meeting in Switzerland, they started sending money to the Juice by an organization spread all over the world to support the Zionist movement. In those days, the slogan of death and juice started echoing all over Europe, and a lot of fear was spreading among the entire Jose family. He said that after his call, a large number of Jews began to move towards their homeland, Israel. 

Arzal believed that it was impossible to remove anti-Semitism from Europe, and therefore Jews would always live a miserable life. Tet’s demand intensified, and upon his invitation, the Joss convoy started moving towards Palestine again, which happened to be in the same state, some people crossed the desert on foot and reached Palestine in the same condition. Since Belistan was in the hands of the Ottoman Empire in those days, there was no restriction on Jose’s arrival here. 

The sale took place in which about 35 thousand Jews returned to Israel, after that the second aliyah took place between 1904 and 194, in which again about 40 thousand Jews returned to Israel. Joss came to Palestine, but even after Palestine, Joss was living here like a fugitive, these people made their own settlements in the border areas, but Joss had enough money, which he used to build his city, schools, hospitals, and Sanskriti. Joes wanted to flourish, they wanted to make their own country at any cost and the British knew this very well. 

Those Joes who were in America in those days were quite florists and rich and the same people were also giving money to the Manly Scientific Organization. After the entry into World War I, Jose also became somewhat pro-British, taking advantage of the fact that the British Empire chose the side of 197 to boost its faltering economy and raise the costs of warfare.

 In exchange for asking people for financial help, he said that if Jose would help him with money and if the British won World War One, then they would help Jose build his own country, Israel. Supported Britishers In those days, this proposal took place between the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Biel Four, which is also known as the Bell Four Declaration. 

The Ottoman Empire was defeated and Palestine was now occupied by the British. When Palestine was occupied by Ratin, Jews from all over the world began to move towards Palestine. The styles were also different from each other, so they settled on a city to give uniformity to the entire Jose society, which was named the City of Del Oyo. 

Here the Jose leaders spoke Hebrew, which was the old language of Jose Schools were opened to teach the Ebro language, and public announcements and prayers were promoted in the Buro language, which became firmly entrenched among the growing minority of the Uz and British occupation. Because of my departure, the Palestinians, who were mainly Muslim, began to fear and from here the conflict of dominance in Palestine between the Arabs and Israelis began. Both of them wanted their rights over Palestine. The British did not give Jos anywhere. 

After that, Pulsolis reverted against Jos and the British Army. To appease the British, only 10,000 people from Jos were allowed to go to Palestine in a year, but in Poland, Russia, and Germany. Due to the growing anti-Semitism, millions of Joes, regardless of their role, started illegally in Palestine. The same Beach Joes built agricultural lands in their city and started farming. After that, he established an elected assembly, his national council, and the Haganah, which was the defense force of Israel. 

But there was a lot of persecution, from which the Jews started to return to their country Israel, fleeing in millions. Prepared by which he was also winning the civil war against Palestine. From 1933 to 1938, there were many civil wars in Palestine in which many Jews and Muslims were killed. Among them was Aman al-Hussein, who was the Mufti of Jerusalem and the president of the Arab Har Committee. 

He wanted to befriend Hitler to kill him and drive him out of Palestine. He wanted to go to Germany and join Hitler’s army to create a Muslim SS army in Palestine and did the same to Jose in Palestine. What was going on in Germany during that time, Hitler never gave much value to Mufti, but Mufti befriended Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man Adores Fikment. After that, during World War II, the British occupied the border of Palestine. It was completely sealed, which made it impossible for Jews to enter Palestine. 

Other countries also closed the doors of their countries to Jews. I was killed and those who survived somehow escaped to Israel. After going through the terrible pain of the holocaust, the waiting limit for Jose is over. This time, Jose was not one of those who retreated, he took a gun in his hands, which made Israel 17 Tardish. Small conflicts ensued in which both Joes-up Britishers were killed, but finally, Joes won the battle



In 1947, the Zionist movement Homeland for Josh People became very strong. After World War II, the British economy was very weak, so they released a paper saying that they would leave Palestine on the 15th of 1948, but here Until now, the Jews had not received the homeland promised by the British Empire, so the alliance between the Arabs and the Jews was also mandatory, but the matter was then handled by the UL Commission, and at first there was no one in support of the Jews. 

But as soon as the United States gave its vote in the push for the formation of the State of Israel, the USSR also voted in support of Jose. The countries gave a thumbs up to Israel’s partition plan, while 12 Muslim countries and one of India were against this partition. The most interesting thing is that the vessel that promised to give its own state to Jos remained neutral in this voting. 

In 1948, the British Army finally partitioned Palestine under Resolution 181 and left them, but a day before that, on the 14th of 1948, Israel declared itself independent, Israel’s The joy didn’t last more than a day because the day after Patwari, Palestine attacked Israel. used to be released in the towns but when it was destroyed, a large portion of the polysine was given to Israel, which made the Jews very happy, but the Muslims did not accept it. 

The Jewish state and the City of Jerusalem were made International Crateries Due to this partition, more than 700,000 Muslim people living in the lower part of Palestine were displaced and forced to go to the newly created Arab State of Palestine. That is why the First Arab-Israeli War took place shortly after the formation of Israel. Millions of Palestinians and Jews were killed. The conflict ended in 1949, with the Jews winning, but the conflict never ended. 


In this blog, we saw how the Jews established Israel and how they drove the people of Palestine out of their homes, how the Jews killed the children of Muslims and occupied their homes. Although the Jews were killed by the whole world and thrown out of their countries, in which Hitler is mentioned more that Hitler killed the Jews and expelled them from Germany, then the Jews went to every country to ask for help, should we stay in the country?

but no country allowed them to stay, at that time they went to Palestine and they had placed these banners on their ships in which it was written that the whole world has destroyed our homes, don’t give up our hopes. 

who started war between israel and palestine
the war between Israel and Palestine

After that, when the Muslims of Palestine saw their condition, they allowed them to live in Palestine. Now, the Muslims of Palestine knew little that one day it would come that the one whom we gave a place to live, would give us his own place. After all, what is wrong is wrong. The Jews took over the homes of the Muslims, kicked them out of their homes, killed the children, and caused them all kinds of pain, they did not give them the right to have an Armenian religion, nor did they vote. 

gave the right to put but also deprived them of the basic comfort of life, now after that, you can decide that after helping in this way, if someone commits injustice, what should be done with him if he is in your house? It should be done in such a way that you allow someone to stay in your house and slowly they start occupying your things, start occupying your room, and start occupying your useful things. If one day it happens that he has kicked you out of the house, he should say, “Get out of this house. It is mine, not yours. You have no right to this house. 

So just think what will go through your heart at that time and you.” What can you do, what do you want to do, will you be so angry at this time, will you be ready to do anything against this person and will do anything to get your home back? He will not say that you are a sinner or that you have done something wrong. 

Now in the same way the Palestinians are fighting against Israel to take back their home, they are fighting against them to save their home. He is asking for his right to save the children, but the whole world is saying that it is wrong and the people of Palestine are terrorists. They have become terrorists, support the truth, and recognize the truth.



  1. What is the history of Israel?

Israel’s history is complex and dates back thousands of years. It includes ancient civilizations, biblical events, the establishment of the modern state of Israel, and ongoing conflicts with neighboring nations.

  1. When was the modern state of Israel established?

The modern state of Israel was established on May 14, 1948, when David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, declared its independence.

  1. What led to the establishment of Israel?

The establishment of Israel was a result of various factors, including Jewish immigration to Palestine, Zionist movements, the Holocaust, and the end of the British Mandate in Palestine. The United Nations also played a significant role in supporting the creation of Israel.

  1. What is the Balfour Declaration?

The Balfour Declaration was a letter issued by the British government in 1917, expressing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. It played a pivotal role in the Zionist movement and the eventual creation of Israel.

  1. What is the significance of the Six-Day War in Israel’s history?

The Six-Day War took place in 1967 and resulted in Israel gaining control of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula. This war had a profound impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the broader Middle East.

  1. What is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a long-standing dispute between Israelis and Palestinians over issues such as territory, borders, refugees, and self-determination. It has resulted in numerous wars, peace negotiations, and ongoing tensions in the region.

  1. Who are the major figures in Israel’s history?

Prominent figures in Israel’s history include David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Ariel Sharon, among others.

  1. What is the significance of Jerusalem in Israel’s history?

Jerusalem is of great historical and religious significance to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It has been a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is the capital of Israel.

  1. How has Israel’s economy evolved over the years?

Israel’s economy has transformed from an agrarian society to a high-tech powerhouse. It is known for its innovations in technology, agriculture, and other industries.

  1. What is the status of Israel’s relationships with neighboring countries?

Israel has signed peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, but its relationships with other neighboring nations remain complex due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and regional geopolitical dynamics.

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