How is imam madhi

Hope in the Darkness

In this article, we will read about the journey of Imam Mahdi, who will be a hope in difficult times. Imam Mahdi is a dignified and brave person, who was prophesied by the last prophet.

How is imam madhi
Name: Muhammad
Title: al-Mahdi; al-Hujjat ibn al-Hassan, al-Muntadhar
Kunya: Abu Salih (The Most Pious One)
Father: Hassan ibn Ali (al-Askari), peace be upon them
Mother: Narjis
Born: 15th Sha’ban, 255 AH/869 CE in Samarra, Iraq
Occultation: 329 AH
Period of Imamate: Continuous

How is imam madhi


How is imam Madhi?

Understanding Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi holds a special position and high rank among Muslims. Those who will come for a specific purpose and mission in the world. They will fight against injustice and falsehood and implement the rule of Islam in the world.


Interesting prophecies about Imam Mahdi have been written in all the religious books. In this article, we will talk about the signs that would make those who believed in them happy.

Signs of Imam Mahdi’s arrival:

Let us look at the signs that point to the nearness of the time of Imam Mahdi.

Dajjal (False Messiah): Dajjal is a false messianic figure in Islamic beliefs who will appear before the arrival of Imam Mahdi. He will deceive people with false miracles and claims of divinity, and with his deception, he will lead many astray.

Gog and Magog (Yagog and Magog): Gog and Magog are powerful and destructive creatures mentioned in Islamic studies. These are the people who will wreak havoc on the earth, and only with the help of Allah can they be defeated.

Sunrise from the West: This important event has been mentioned repeatedly in Islam. This refers to the sun changing its normal direction, where it will rise from the west instead of the east, indicating a significant change in the order of the universe. Or it will be about 40 years before the Resurrection, as mentioned in the hadith

Smoke (Ad-Dukhan): Smoke is an important sign described in the Qur’an, referring to the era when a thick and blinding smoke will envelop the earth, heralding the Day of Judgment.

Beast of the Earth (Dabat al-Arz): An animal creature of the earth that will appear at the end of time. It is believed to have many abilities and will play a role in the events that take place before the Resurrection.

Appearance of Isa (Jesus): In Islamic teachings, Hazrat Jesus (AS) has been raised alive in the sky, and he will return to earth again near the Day of Judgment. And we will help them in the mission of Imam Mahdi, through which the Islam of the whole earth will flourish

The Last Trumpet (Al-Sa’iqah): The last Trumpet will be a sound or explosion that will end the whole world and begin the Day of Judgment. This sound will be so dangerous that if a woman is gentle, her pregnancy will fall due to this sound. This will be the beginning of the Day of Resurrection.

Please note that the interpretations of these symbols may differ between different Islamic traditions and scholars.

Imam Mahdi in different religions:

Imam Mahdi is not limited to one sect. Every religion believes this in its own traditions. The Sunnis believe that Imam Mahdi will descend from the sky, and the Shias believe that he was born.

Role of Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi, also known as the Guided One, is believed to be the last Imam of the Prophet’s family, particularly from the descendants of his cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib and his daughter Fatima. . Followers of Shia Islam consider him the twelfth and last Imam.

Historical context and emergence

The concept of the Mahdi has deep roots in Islamic history. Belief in a divine being who will appear in times of great turmoil and restore justice and peace is not unique to Islam. The Mahdi doctrine is similar to other Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Christianity.

Importance of Imam Mahdi in Islamic teachings

In Islamic teachings, the role of Imam Mahdi is associated with the end of time and the resurrection. It is believed that during a period of widespread chaos and disorder, Imam Mahdi will appear as a divine figure to cleanse the world of evil and establish a just and harmonious society.

KEY How is imam madhi

How is imam madhi

Recognition of Imam Mahdi

The most debated aspect of Imam Mahdi’s character is the identity of this venerable figure. According to Shia beliefs, Imam Mahdi is currently in occultation, hidden from public view. Only a few scholars and people know their identities. There are various signs and indications in Islamic scriptures that guide believers to recognize Him when He manifests Himself.

Role of Imam Mahdi in Islamic Government

A central aspect of Imam Mahdi’s character is his role as a just ruler and leader. It is believed that after his appearance,

He will establish a global Islamic government that upholds justice, equality, and compassion for all. His government will end oppression.

Role of Imam Mahdi in Hadith and Islamic Scriptures

There are many references in the Islamic scriptures, especially the Hadith, regarding the role of Imam Mahdi. Exploring these texts provides valuable insight into the characteristics, functions, and mission of this venerable personality.

The relationship between Imam Mahdi and Jesus (pbuh) in Islamic teachings

In Islamic teachings, Imam Mahdi and Jesus (pbuh) are believed to play complementary roles in establishing peace and justice. Understanding the connection between these two venerable figures increases the importance of Imam Mahdi in the Muslim faith.

QNS: Who is Imam Mahdi?

  1. Who is Imam Mahdi, and why is he important in Islamic beliefs?

Imam Mahdi is a person who will appear in the world near the Day of Judgment. His importance in Islamic beliefs is that he will implement the Islamic government in the whole world, and peace will be established because of him.

2. Are there specific signs in the religious books that point to the coming of Imam Mahdi?

Yes, there are specific signs in the religious books that predict the arrival of Imam Mahdi. These prophecies evoke strong emotions in the hearts of believers. They see the signs of His coming as a confirmation of their faith and a confirmation of the divine plan.

3. How does the story of Imam Mahdi resonate with people from different religious backgrounds?

The story of Imam Mahdi resonates with people from different religious backgrounds because it contains universal themes of hope, compassion, and the triumph of good over evil. His message of unity and justice transcends religious boundaries, touching the hearts of people of diverse cultures and faiths.

4. How has technology played a role in spreading awareness about Imam Mahdi?

Technology has played an important role in spreading awareness about Imam Mahdi, and its impact resonates emotionally. Through digital platforms, believers connect, share stories, and inspire one another. The emotional connection they feel through these virtual networks strengthens their faith and belief, creating a sense of universal unity as they await the arrival of their awaited savior.

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