Israel vs Palestine war

In today’s topic, we will talk about the Israel vs Palestine war in full detail, why there is a war between Israel and Palestine, who is right, who is wrong, who is oppressed and who is oppressed, and who started the actual war. Who is killing the oppressed? Who is bombing? Yes, we will cover all these things in this topic. We request you to read this entire topic with your heart and soul and share it with the support of the truth.

introduction to the Israel vs Palestine war

When Roman accepted the Christian religion, these people made life difficult for the Jews in Europe and Syria, made their conditions worse, oppressed them, humiliated them, killed their children, and killed their women. They turned to Muslim areas to live in peaceful, and the Romans stopped the Jews from entering Jerusalem and forbade them from ever entering Jerusalem.

 Return of the Jews to Jerusalem

When Hazrat Umar (RA) came to the Caliphate, Hazrat Umar (RA) conquered Bait-ul-Muqadasd and after conquering, he allowed the Jews to go to the city. Conquered in 15 Hijri according to 637 AD

Hazrat Umar bin Khattab (RA) allowed the Jews to visit Bait-ul-Maqdis, while before that the Christians had banned them. Because of their extreme hatred towards the Jews, the Christians removed the rock on which (Dome of Rock) was built. It was covered with garbage because the Jews considered it sacred. Hazrat Umar bin Khattab (RA) cleaned the garbage from the top of this rock with his own hands. According to Muslims, its importance is that the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, On the night of mahraj from this rock flew up into the sky

Then whenever the Christians captured Jerusalem, they killed Muslims and Jews. The Jews lived there in a better condition than the humiliating life. In the 19th century, in the 19th century, in Europe and Russia, intense hatred and oppression of the Jews against the Christians emerged again, and the Christians persecuted the Jews immensely.

Tired of the new tricks and new excuses to persecute the Jews and the immense oppression and oppression of the Jews, the Jews migrated to Germany, Eastern Europe to escape the oppression and oppression of the Christians. Millions of Jews left the country, most of them went to the United States, and Great Britain, and some to Palestine

The whole world refused to give shelter to the Jews

 When Hitler’s rule was established in Germany, Hitler’s government started killing the Jews one by one, as a result of which the Jews started migration from Germany. There was America, which became a great sympathizer of the Jews at now, France, which was supporting the Jews at now, refused to give shelter to the Jews, but they also had a hand in killing the Jews and making them homeless. Whether it was the United States, France, or Canada, all countries refused to grant shelter the Jews and turned their ships back from port.

 In the end, they put big flags on their ships and brought them to the ports of Palestine. The flags were written on them. “The German destroyed our families & Homes, “don’t you destroy our Hopes” When the people of Palestine saw their situation, they learned and sheltered them in their land and we settled them with us. Jews were being killed all over the world, but the people of Palestine gave them their land. They was given shelter in this way Jews started settling in Palestine

How did Israel come into being?

 Before the First World War, there was a movement called the (Zionism) . The goal of this movement was to create a separate country for the Jews because the Jews saw that the whole world was killing them, and Germany was killing them. No one was giving us a Palestinian country in which we could live, so the Jews of the whole world wanted to choose a separate country for us, and the Jews chose Palestine for it.

The Jews moved from the world to Palestine and the people of Palestine took pity on them and allowed them to take them to their land from this house that the whole world was killing them at the moment, Hitler was killing them indiscriminately. They should be accommodated here to save lives

 When the First World War broke out in which the Ottoman Empire ended, many new countries came into being and many countries went under the control of Great Britain. At the same time, Palestine was also occupied by Great Britain. What is known as the Balfour Declaration states that we will help Britain establish an independent Jewish state in Palestine.

Israel vs Palestine war
yellow color indicates is Palestinian Now you can see from 1917 to 2020 changes in map

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 At that time, it was decided that 44 percent of the land would be given to Israel 48 percent would be given to Palestine, and the remaining 8 percent would be taken over by UNO.

 But then slowly Israel started persecuting the people of Palestine, America supported them and persecuted Palestine in various ways, which we will describe in detail.

 Palestinian homes are under attack

The Jews who were allowed to live in their land by the common people of Palestine were allowed to save their lives And allowed to live there without any fear or danger, the same Jews then cheated them with the Palestinians. Broke the trust with them. The Nets burned their lands. They seized their houses, killed their children.

These people started doing atrocities on the people of Palestine which land the UNO had given 48 percent to Palestine, Israel started occupying it, started terrorist attacks, and imposed restrictions on Palestine. They cannot maintain an army, nor can they have arms, nor can they initiate self-defense; they are prohibited from eating and drinking. Atrocities started on them As bad as it could be, these people did it

Conspiracy to displace Palestinians

 The Jews who came from all over the world reached Palestine and seized the houses of the Palestinians as if they were their own houses. The land that was built by the Palestinians or the land that belonged to Palestine was bought with their own money, those lands were taken from them by threatening them with blackmail and persecuting them as if there was no one to ask. Ministers introduced and openly supported new ways and means of seizing homes in Palestinian cities, a policy known as the eviction of Palestinians.

 The Israeli settlers have committed such crimes and attacks against the local Palestinians and are still continuing this cruelty and oppression. The Jewish settlers were also continuing to attack the Palestinian people and their properties under military auspices. In a United Nations report, 600 attacks have been recorded so far only during the year 2023. On the other hand, according to a report from the United Nations, 490,000 Jewish settlers have been illegally settled in the West Bank.

Israel vs Palestine war
The green color indicates Palestine and the white is Israel You can see all the changes on the map

These attacks on behalf of Israel are also continuing on the Christians, if you are asked, despite doing so much persecution, despite taking away the homes of Palestinians, despite killing their children, do you respect the honor of their mothers and sisters? Despite playing along, what hope does the world place on the Palestinians?

 How their mothers and sisters are being molested, how their mothers and sisters are respected, how their houses and properties are being taken away from auctions, is this what the world wants Israel to do to them? It continued to persecute and oppress poor Palestine, it is not alone in perpetrating this oppression, it will never happen.

Israel is a terrorist country and all the countries that support it promote terrorism. When they gave up, these people betrayed them and cheated on them by eating their own land, demolishing their houses, taking possession of their property, and taking away their land and property. They were stripped and rendered useless

 About Gaza

 Along with Palestine, you must have heard another name called Gaza. It is often in the headlines that there is a war between Israel and Gaza. What is Gaza? Is it really what the world is saying that Gaza is? It is harboring a terrorist group. Here it is a complete lie. In this article, we will explain to you what Gaza is after all. Hope you read it carefully.

 When Hamas won the election in 2006, Israel illegally besieged Gaza. Gaza is a part of Palestine that Israel has separated from Palestine. Now 17,230,000 people have been deprived of basic necessities for 17 years.

Since Israel has been besieging Gaza, Israel is not allowing food to be delivered there, nor is it allowing medical facilities to be delivered there, nor is it allowing all the means of living to be delivered there. In other words, you can say that Gaza is the world’s open prison a prison in which you are not in prison but you have no freedom and you cannot do anything. They are not being delivered to you, nor are the food and drinks being delivered to you. you should understand that Gaza has been made an open prison by Israel.

Because of this long siege by Israel, unusual health problems have also arisen in Gaza. The war was waged repeatedly and thousands of Palestinians were martyred, while tens of thousands of houses were destroyed

  What is the Palestinian struggle for?

 This struggle in Palestine is for survival. Those who are questioning that it has started the ongoing war are not aware of the history of Israel, but they want to erase the history and make it disappear. The questions of the American and British media. However, the British Member of Parliament, George Gallo, stated that this problem did not start today.

It has been going on since the time when Israel occupied Palestine. Since the Palestinians were massacred, this problem has been going on since then. Now the whole world wants Palestine to be silent. The arms should be sold, he should do the arms business well and he enjoys killing innocent people. Destroy the buildings that are children and even kill some people who are still alive

Israel vs Palestine war
Israel vs Palestine war

 A question to the people of the world

 I want to ask this question to every one people of the world, if a person comes into your house one day and throws stones at you, the next day he throws stones at you again, the third day he comes inside your house and in the coffee room. What will you do if they throw stones at you? You will invite him inside, drink tea, and say to him, “Brother, stay in this house. You are the owner of this house. I will leave this house now or he will leave.” On the contrary, you will catch him and take legal action against him

You will do whatever can happen to you, just answer yourself, what would you do if you did the other thing, that you caught him and handed him over to the law, or if you did not hand him over to the law, take any action yourself.

No one in the world has this power against him, if he tells you that you are a sinner, you are a criminal, because whatever is the law of the world, whatever is the law of the country, the right of self Defense is given in every law. So, in this sense, no one can call you a criminal, no one can call you a sinner, and someone will judge you, everyone will say that you are not telling the truth. If you are right, just think

 The same has happened to the Palestinians, the Jewish dogs have invaded their homes, seized their land, robbed the honor of their mothers and sisters, and killed their children. Now if he is raising his voice against Israel, then he is a terrorist. How did Palestine become a terrorist when you were not a terrorist? How did Palestine become a murderer when you did not go against the law?

When you have the right to self-dependence, why are you not defending the Palestinians? Why is the whole world silent on the fact that Jews are dogs and cursed and the worst nation in the world? He doesn’t just do it against Muslims, but he does it in the same way against all the people in the world. Don’t you remember what Hitler said?

 Hitler’s last words

 When Hitler killed the Jews in Germany, they were evicted from their homes and they had no survivors, then the Muslims supported them and sheltered them and the Muslims did not know. It is a big dog like a Jew and cursed and cursed. What great kindness is forgotten and what a great bastard. At that time, Hitler said that when Hitler was asked why he was killing these Jews, Hitler gave such an answer. It was what the historians have recorded in the records

It was like, “I will leave some of these Jews alive so that the whole world will know why I was killing these Jews”. How cruel is this cursed and accursed Jewish dog and why was Hitler killing him? And if that name and symbol of the Jews had disappeared, then there would not have been persecution and brutality in the whole world.


Now decide for yourself that it was the Muslims who gave the Jews a place to live in Palestine. Any country, be it America, Great Britain, or France, which at that time loudly claimed that we were with the Jews, at that time all these countries pushed the Jews out of their countries, so at that time the Muslims gave these Jews a place to live in Palestine

  The country that was known as Palestine was completely Muslim, then the British government made a trick in which it said that some part of it would be given to the Jews and they would form a separate country there. The portion given to the Jews was 42 percent empty and the rest was with the Muslims. The land was taken away, the children were killed, women and the elderly were raped, the youth were imprisoned, and their bodies were riddled with bullets.

 Now decide for yourself who is on the right, is he on the right who is fighting for his land, or is he on the right who is killing children unjustly, dragging women and old people, and shooting young men? If you were in Palestine, what would you do, but someone would enter your house and take over your house, so what would you do at that time? Time is also doing Palestine, now there is a question for you, who will you support, you will support the oppressor who is oppressing or will you support the oppressed?

 It is a well-known fact that supporting the oppressor is equal to oppressing the oppressed. If you do not consider yourself an oppressor, then you will never support the oppressor. You will always support the oppressed. You will support the right. You will support him. Will give who is on the right, who is telling the truth, and who is fighting for his right

 Now finally, I request you to support Palestine and boycott all the products of Israel, raise your voice against Israel and by supporting the truth, associate your name with those who support the truth.

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FAQs Israel vs Palestine war

1. What is the Israel vs Palestine war conflict?

  • The Israel vs Palestine war conflict is a long-standing political and territorial dispute between Israelis and Palestinians over land, borders, and self-determination.

2. What are the root causes of the conflict?

  • The conflict has deep historical and political roots, including disputes over land, religious sites, refugees, and national identity. It’s essential to consult historical and academic sources for a detailed understanding.

3. What are the main parties involved in the conflict?

  • The main parties are the state of Israel and various Palestinian groups, including the Palestinian Authority (in the West Bank) and Hamas (in Gaza).

4. What is the two-state solution?

  • The two-state solution is a proposed resolution to the conflict, suggesting the creation of separate, independent Israeli and Palestinian states coexisting side by side.

5. Why has the two-state solution not been achieved?

  • The failure to achieve a two-state solution is due to various factors, including disputes over borders, security concerns, and the status of Jerusalem.

6. What is the status of Jerusalem in the conflict?

  • Jerusalem is a highly contentious issue. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim it as their capital. The status of Jerusalem is one of the key obstacles to a lasting peace agreement.

7. What are Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and why are they controversial?

  • Israeli settlements are communities built by Israel in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They are considered illegal under international law and a significant point of contention in the conflict.

8. What is the role of the United States in the conflict?

  • The United States has been a key ally of Israel and has played a significant role in the peace process. Its approach to the conflict has evolved over time.

9. How has the conflict affected the lives of Israelis and Palestinians?

  • The conflict has had profound social, economic, and political impacts on both Israeli and Palestinian communities, resulting in violence, loss of life, and displacement.

10. What is the role of international organizations in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

  • International organizations, including the United Nations, have been involved in efforts to mediate the conflict and provide humanitarian assistance to those affected.

11. What is the current situation in the conflict as of [current date]?

  • To get up-to-date information on the Israel-Palestine conflict, please refer to reliable news sources and official statements.

12. How can I help or support peace efforts in the region?

  • You can support peace and humanitarian efforts by staying informed, advocating for peaceful solutions, and contributing to organizations that provide aid and promote dialogue in the region.

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