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Have you ever seen a murderer for whom policemen are crying, media people are crying, people are gathering around and are getting bored, and the whole country is crying, but the death sentence has been completed? The incident is very interesting. This is the incident involving Muhammad Mursal. You can see in below image a young man hugging a woman. This woman is the mother of this young man, and this is Muhammad Mursal.

muhammad mursal
Muhammad mursal met his mother


Judge Sab told his mother to meet your child’s last 20 minutes; after that, your child’s neck will be blown. He is 26 years old. The cousin’s life is lost; that is, Muhammad Mursal killed his cousin by his own hands. After that, Muhammad Mursal is arrested and sentenced to death in court. According to Islamic law, the heirs of the deceased There are three options, then they can take the death sentence, they can forgive, or Qisas, i.e. murder for murder, i.e. death penalty is given, and this time the relatives of the deceased choose the death penalty, but now an incident like this happens here

All the people of the Al-Rizq tribe—children, old men, women—all go together to the tribe in which a person is killed, and when they go to that tribe, poems are said to be in front of all these people. Those who wear turbans take off the turbans, cloaks, and robes they wear and place them at the feet of the people of this tribe.

Poems are read to little children. Little children stand up with their hands folded and ask for forgiveness. Billions have one trait: they don’t bow down easily to anyone; they stick to their egos. But here, these people bowed down before the people of this tribe and started asking for forgiveness in front of them until they put themselves at their feet and dropped themselves and all the jewels and property that they had. They were willing to give whatever the tribe had to those whose person had been killed, Arab of  When the entire media sees this, then the same thing goes on everywhere in the media: an apology should be given.

The reason behind this is because Muhammad Mursal would have been killed unexpectedly. Yes, but murder happens. Now that this thing is highlighted in the media, it becomes the language of the whole of Saudi Arabia, and that language is to be forgiven. Now the law enforcement agencies are also watching. King Salamat is also watching. The whole world is watching that this has become such a big event that the whole country comes together and apologizes to the tribe from which the person is killed, but they do not forgive

The final day of Muhammad mursal

And then finally, the day comes when Muhammad Mursal was supposed to be sentenced to death, and then on the 20th, about seven days before, a meeting is held. People are called. The media gathers. Now that person has come, for whom the mothers, daughters, sisters, children, and elders of the nation are praying. Everyone’s prayer was that this person should be forgiven, and the government wanted to forgive this person. It should be done.

The media wanted this person to be pardoned, but the relatives of the victim were going to give him the death penalty. At that time, the media people start crying, the policemen start crying, the crowd starts crying, and even the heirs of the deceased also start crying, but the death penalty is imposed, and in this way, the world goes from mortal to Muhammad Mursal. Now the purpose of presenting this incident is that this is the system of justice. Even if King Salamat wanted this person to be pardoned, he was punished according to the law.

gave This is the justice and fairness of Islam, in which everyone is equal, whether one is rich, one is poor, one is a king, or one, whatever laws Islam has imposed, they are equal for all and the command is the same for all. On a law in which everyone is equal, if you are also proud to be a Muslim, then give this video to the whole world first and let the whole world know that Islam is a religion of peace and security in which all human beings No two opinions are the same in Islam

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 To kill unjustly

According to Islamic teachings, killing a human being unjustly is the second-greatest sin after shirk, but some scholars have said that whoever kills a Muslim leaves the nation of Islam. So his punishment is Hell, in which he will remain forever, and Allah Almighty will send down His wrath on him and curse him. Allah Almighty has prepared a great punishment for him, but some scholars say that he will be in Hell for a long time. I will suffer a painful punishment

Killing one nose is equal to killing the whole world

While Islam teaches a person how to live his whole life, it also teaches how to treat people in his life, how to treat people, and how to treat people with whatever rights they have. Islam has given this teaching to its followers: if he kills any person unjustly, it is as if he has killed the entire humanity unjustly, and this is how Islam also describes it. If a person has saved the life of a creature, it is as if he has saved the entire universe.

What is the punishment for murder in Islam?

Islam has already declared murder haram; now if a person has killed someone, then the heirs of the deceased belong to them. Islam has given them three rights. And the third is that he should forgive him for that murder. He should forgive him for that murder, but Islam also said that if someone killed him wrongly, it is better to forgive him.

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What is Deit?

Deit refers to the wealth that is given to the heirs of the deceased by the killer or by the heirs of the murderer. Generally, the dowry is 100 camels, but it depends on the Qazi, Kot, or government in this era. Whatever the government, the judge, or the Qazi decides, the killer will have to give it to the deceased’s heirs, and in the same way, if in a non-Muslim country where there is no Islamic government, the government of the killer will have to pay it. But the fine imposed will be considered a deity and that will be his deity

What is retribution?

Islam has also prescribed qisas. Qisas is that if you have killed someone, then his heirs are given the right to kill you too. So if Islam has given him the right to slap you back if you cut someone’s hand, then Islam has given him the right to cut your hand too.

He has been given the right to kill this killer, but all this is done under the supervision of the judge, under the supervision of the rulers of the time, under the supervision of the king or the government. You can’t. First, you have to file your case with the judge, who is the ruler of the time here. Only after that, the judge or the ruler of the time will make the decision that whoever takes revenge will also take his life in the same way as he killed the victim.

   The third is forgiveness

If a person has killed another person by accident or in similar accidents, it is better that he forgives them. He did not commit the murder intentionally, but it is not a written decision that he should be forgiven; however, the victim of the murder is given the right to forgive him and take revenge. Perhaps it is better that if Haji was killed accidentally, then it should be forgiven

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Muhammad mursal

Why is Qisas in Islam?

Qisas is an action that establishes peace in the world. If you look at the world today, there are rich people. If someone commits a sin, they use their wealth to save themselves. It is the same if we look at a weak person who has nothing; if he commits a sin, then the poor person gets involved in this sin and gets his punishment, but Islam has established justice and fairness for everyone.

The law is the same for everyone; there is no one for anyone; there is no other for anyone; there is one law for all and one for all. It is known that if I kill someone, then I will also be killed. If I cut off someone’s hand, then my hand will also be cut off. If the hands are cut off, then it creates a fear in a person; he is afraid of sinning.

After killing someone, I will use whatever resources I have, spend my wealth, and be saved, but Islam does not believe in Islam. Islam said that human life is very valuable. Spending influence does not pay that price, but that price will be paid now when you can see your life and pay the price of that life. That’s why Islam has set the death penalty; it creates fear in people. They are afraid of committing a sin, and this is the best system.

Look, in any country where there is retribution or an Islamic government, crime is reduced. Now look at Saudi Arabia, Look at other countries where Islamic The government is there. Look, whatever shop you have, it will be open, no one will steal, or you will hear the same.

So, according to the Islamic Shariah, we have been getting that punishment; whether the king commits a sin or a worker commits a sin, the punishment is the same for them. In contrast, if you look at the countries, they don’t have Islamic law, so when their wealthy people commit a sin, they go to the courts and use their resources. So now the whole world should think about it, it is a matter of thinking which law is better and which system is good.

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What does Islam say about murder?

A1: Islam strictly prohibits murder. Taking an innocent life is considered a grave sin in Islam, and it is condemned in the strongest terms.

Q2: Is there any justification for murder in Islam?

Q2: NO, There is no justification for taking an innocent life in Islam

Q4: What is the difference between murder and manslaughter in Islamic law?

A4: In Islamic law, murder (intentional killing) is considered more severe than manslaughter (unintentional killing). While both are condemned, the punishment for murder is generally more severe.

Q5: Can a murderer seek forgiveness in Islam?

A5: Yes, Islam encourages repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah (God). If a person has committed murder, they can repent sincerely, seek forgiveness, and turn their life around. However, they may still face legal consequences in this world.

Q6: What is the role of witnesses in murder cases in Islam?

A6: In Islamic legal proceedings, credible witnesses play a crucial role in establishing guilt in murder cases. The testimony of witnesses who meet specific criteria can be used to establish guilt or innocence.

Q7: Are there any exceptions to the prohibition on murder in Islam?

A7: The prohibition on murder is considered absolute in Islam, with the exceptions mentioned earlier, such as self-defense and just war. These exceptions are subject to strict conditions and guidelines.

Q8: How does Islamic law deal with cases of honor killings?

A8: Islam does not condone honor killings. Such acts are considered murder and are against Islamic teachings. The perpetrators of honor killings should be subject to the same legal consequences as other murderers.

Q9: Can a murderer’s family be held responsible in Islam?

A9: In Islamic law, a murderer’s family is not generally held responsible for the actions of the individual unless they were directly involved in the crime. Each individual is responsible for their own deeds.

Q10: How can Muslims promote peace and prevent murder?

A10: Muslims are encouraged to promote peace and justice in society. This includes supporting strong legal systems, resolving conflicts peacefully, and educating people about the sanctity of life and the consequences of murder.

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