who started war between israel and palestine

In today’s article, we will see who started war between Israel and Palestine. The country that supports injustice In this article, we will openly explain which country the whole world should support, who does injustice, who did injustice, and who ate the land of which country the most. Who started the war first? Who first killed the people of which country?

Who occupied the land of which country, and who is really responsible for this war? At the end, we will also tell you that you have to think: Who will you support? Will you support the truth, or will you support falsehood? Will you support the truth, or will you support a lie? But we will tell you openly who actually started the war

who started war between israel and palestine

The forces of Israel enter inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attack the innocent Muslims in the mosque, beat them, kill them, drag the Palestinian mothers and sisters out of the mosque, then no one says anything, then United. When the nation is silent, then the international community is silent

How many Palestinians did Israel kill in 2030?

In 2023, more than 250 Palestinians were killed by Israel’s forces

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When Russia attacked Ukraine,

When Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukraine retaliated back to Russia. People clapped for Ukraine, saying that Ukraine is fighting for its rights but does not raise any voice for Palestine because Muslims live in Palestine. If there are no Muslims, then people will raise their voices for Palestine too. There is al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, which holds a great place for the Muslim Ummah, but the forces of Palestine launched an attack against Israel, although I do not support bloodshed at all. I always talk about peace

who started war between israel and palestine
who started war between israel and Palestine?

A Question

One question I want to ask these people is why this visit is so hypocritical. If Israel attacks Palestine and kills Palestinian elders, sisters, and mothers, then you don’t have pain in your stomach if Palestine has its rights and its own country. How many times have we seen Israeli forces enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attack innocent Muslims in the mosque, killing them? The mother of Palestine drags her sisters out of the mosque, then no one says anything, then the United Nations is silent, then the international community is silent, and then a black blindfold is closed on your eyes.

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What has the international community said?

The international association and the international community have also said that the fight of Palestine for their rights is absolutely right; it is their right, and they are ready to show their consideration and phase-up. If Israel attacks Palestine, then they are brave. But if Palestine defends its rights, then they will become terrorist

Stop double-face

Shut down the quality of the visit, shut down the community, and shut down the quality of the United Nations. Shut down this double face and give Muslims the same rights as you give to the entire international community and to every religion. Al-Aqsa Mosque is attacked. Mothers and sisters are killed and dragged away. Then the United Nations does not say anything. Russia attacked Ukraine. I agree that the people of Ukraine are very brave. They retaliated against Russia, but you declared Palestine an enemy. You called the people of Palestine your terrorist.

Why are you not ashamed?

There is no shame or modesty because brave Muslims live in Palestine, because oppressed Muslims live in Palestine, and because Muslims in Palestine are oppressed, they close their eyes and laugh.

who started war between israel and palestine
who started war between israel and palestine

going to report

Well, I am talking about peace now; I am appealing to the UNO. It is the duty of the international community that Palestine, which is a small country occupied by Israel, send its forces and thousands of innocent people. People’s lives have to be taken, yet no one said anything about the forces of Israel—how many brave people were killed, young journalists were killed, elderly people were killed, mothers and sisters were killed—and you never had a stomach ache. Stop this tour de force; stop this hypocrisy


who started war between israel and palestine

Friends, in the year 2023, about 247 Palestinians were killed, and this figure was before October 7, 2023. I am telling you about the morning of October 7, 2023, when Hamas attacked Israel. Between 100 and 150 Israelis were killed in the attack, and many hundreds were injured in the attack, which was carried out by Israel in retaliation. that people have died, and 1600.

As of the last update, I read that people were injured. Palestinians were injured, most of them civilians. An interesting thing is that when the other 47 people were killed, the attackers who killed them in custody were in the mosque compound. Those who killed those who killed on the borders, those who killed over a small fight, no one criticized those who killed, but when those who died reacted and when those who died fought back, they were criticized.

Many people declare protestors and say that it was the protestors of Hamas who attacked Israel. Look, one thing: I also believe that what is happening here, what happened inside Hamas, and what happened in Palestine, Israel, Most of those killed in the conflict are innocent And these ordinary people who are under the influence of the conflict are witnessing their lives and becoming homeless, but there is also one thing: when someone strikes from one side, they close their eyes to his strike, and when someone gives his reaction, he is called a terrorist. This is the unfortunate part.

In our society, where we believe the truth and lie instead of the truth, we talk about opinions and see them as opinions. It is very important to differentiate between right and wrong. If you can, you are surely adding oil to this fire. You cannot call it an opinion. This is before October 7, 2047. No one asked about the lives of their killers. Why did they kill 2047 people? You are critical

But when the retaliation happened, people broke down. However, the atmosphere at that time was that Palestine, which had been conducting operations continuously for many years, did a counterattack in a very powerful way. Even after that, they are celebrating because maybe the operation was too much

A general of Hamas in Palestine says that the operation of the NF and now the Al-Aqsa Mosque will be a knockout, according to him.

However, what color their efforts will bring and how Israel reacts is a matter to be seen, but one thing is for sure: no matter how powerful anyone is, no matter how strong they are, they will become weak at some point, and there is no conflict resolution. War is not a solution to anything. Violence is not a solution to anything. In violence, if anyone is harmed, it is mostly the invested people who have neither guns nor weapons to drive them.

There is talent; people are victims of it, and if society is to resolve any conflict in any way, there must be a way of communication that includes right and wrong. should be placed on the table with clarity and then a decision should be taken about it

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ASALAMUALIKUM, I am Abid Mushtaq Baba, a Blogger, Youtuber, and founder of realityofmyislam.com. Here, I post about Islam, the Quran, history, and other religions to help people understand the Islam and find the truth.

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